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God's Shining Tears of Concern


Lord, bend your ear to my cry.
Stretched to the limit, I sigh.
A deep longing in my depths to be free.
Please, please have mercy on me.

A compassionate God you are is your claim.
Is that true or a idealism that is lame?
Though at times, I think you don't care.
Your body on the cross is your love to

     me you wanted to share.

God, do you know what would make my day.
To see you weep over my affair and say I am

     here to stay.
I see it now, in my crisis, you are concerned

     about me.

I now feel it deep in my heart to be.

Since you care, my faith is blazing.
This love is above amazing.
As our spirits embrace,
I can run with gusto this life's race.

It actually doesn't matter if the obstacle is

     there or gone.

I am three-fourth's along.
My attitude is beaming with trust.  
My God in this trial is the judge that is just.


Those shining tears of compassion are all I need.

Faith, Hope, and Love are growing in my heart,

     produced by His weeping seed.
My entire life now is to please my Heavenly Father above.
Through Him, when trials come I will have peace like a dove.

Dancing for the Audience of One


Dancing in the streets.
Thus, my anxious thought retreats
My spirit is soaring.
Such a thrill, far from boring.


I jam and groove to the beat.
His presence comes into my being as a firery heat.
A new sense of freedom descends down.
Clothed with a sensation of praise, wearing this gown.


I am of course not dancing for any human's recognition.
But to get closer to his heavenly position.
Closer to His Glory.
That is my ultimate goal and story.


I want to dance with Father God in step with His feet.
And feel His glorious heartbeat.
I could do this all night.
As my emotions rise to a new height.


Why for the world would I dance?
No way do I want to flirt with hell and take that chance.
Nothing compares to "getting down" into His peace.
Thank goodness His presence goes on and on, it will never cease.


I looked up at the clear-blue sky.
Then I saw it.
An eagle, and effortless it did fly.
I admired it with glee.
Because the soarer seemed so free.


Could I do that?
I know I can't fly, but what about my being?
I want to fly because my spirit is so flat.
Why couldn't my emotions soar?
So many people had grounded me and my confidence they did tore.


Once I had joy.
But jealous men had shot at my emotions.
My feelings, they thought was a toy.
The pain,  they had caused so much pain.
So bad that I symbolically I couldn't stand without a cane

But know I am in awe.  
Of the thought of my inner self flying.
I want to feel like I am ten feet tall.
I had been grounded for too long.
I wanted to be so high, so that no one could stop me not even King Kong.

I knew that soaring was a choice.
I had to force my  thoughts to coincide with joy. 
So, I bellowed "I will fly" with a powerful voice.
The negative emotions left that is true.
As I closed my eye and imagine I was flying toward the blue.


How jubilant I know feel.
My feet may still be on the ground.
But my spirit is flying that is the deal.
I know trials are here.
But I know now that I can jump over them with a bounce like a deer.

I am getting used to soaring.
Much better than pouting.
A continual grievous heart is wrong and boring.
I have overcome lots of things.
It is not easily to allow your heart that sings.

So, up, up, up, I go.
No greater thrill in life.
As I abolish negative grievous are my foe.
Now in this world, I don't have a care.
So try to determine to let yourself soar like an eagle is a dare.


The Light

If your heart has been ripped to pieces,
And you see no light.
Only darkness engulfs you, 
As the terror of despair swallows you in agony.

All you can do is barely stay afloat,
While everybody tells you that you are doing something wrong.
When there is not a rebellious bone in your body.


That is when He has the opportunity to come to your rescue.
All He wants is your honesty before Him about  your crisis,
And the necessity of Him to shine in your life.
He wants to feel appreciated and needed.


When you start praising Him with a pure heart
He uses the most powerful searchlight you could ever imagine,
Which exposes the dooming entanglements that have been haunting your life.

For the sake of His Name, He will rescue you.
You proclaim Him as Father.
He has marked you His own prized king.
You are royalty.

You just went through a bump in the road.


After He has shown His light into your life,
You have become a lighthouse to this hurting generation.
You then are able to expose the jagged rocks that 
Would have shipwreck other peoples lives.
All of your previous darkness and gloom now has meaning.
You know by experience how it feels to have a troubled heart
And how empty life can be at times..
Your powerful light leads people to the True Light.
You find the huge joy of satisfaction of rescuing so many people.

In light of this, you thank Him for every trial and tribulation
That prepared you to be the hero you now are.
Think of how many people now see the Light,
Because you endured the darkness.
What an awesome God we serve.

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