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I am Intoxicated With Prayer

I am Intoxicated With Prayer

I am intoxicated with prayer.

It happens when God with me, His secret thoughts He wants to share.

God loves it when we pray what's on His Heart

He edifies you with a baptism of fire—He will start.

Your heart is filled with a joyous sensation.

It is a power far beyond your wildest imagination.

You see the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead.

Will live in you, scriptures have said.

A person can feel the Holy Spirit living in them.

This sensation is worth far more than any precious gem.

Ask God what is on his mind.

His voice speaking to your spirit, you will find.

A person will find out what the Spirit feels like.

A chord of harmony in your being will strike.

If that feeling intensifies in you.

You will know that you just started a breakthrough.

Keep praying that word or subject.

Don't stop praying until you finish the prayer project.

You know this happens when the anointing stops.

Then search until a new subject on your lap God drops.

The Bible talks about being drunk in the Spirit.

I want to be intoxicated when God speaks his prayer request and I hear it.

There are many times God speaks about spiritual wine in His Word.

Many of a times is has occurred.

A person can drink the spiritual wine of wisdom.

I want this Godly drink in my system.

Wisdom says, “Let all who are simple to come to my house.

God's wisdom is your lighthouse.

If we are spiritually thirsty, we can buy wine without cost.

Listen to God, “eat” what is good and not be lost.

Lost out of delighting in the richest fare.

I live the abundant life when God's heart is my prayer.

Romans 8:11, Ephesians 5:18, Proverbs 9:1-6 Isaiah 55:1-3

Kevin Mast

December 21, 2016

My heart's desire. I have experienced this kind of prayer. I absolutely love it.

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